Sports Report

Some of our P4/5 boys took part in a football tournament at the Inverness High School this weekend. About 10 primary school took part and the Lochardil boys came second overall. Well done, Matthew, Nicky, Finlay and Elliot.

Callum took part in a tennis tournament on Friday afternoon at the Inverness Tennis Club and he came second! Well done, Callum. Keep practising.

In our PE lessons at school we have been working on our badminton skills with Mrs Campbell and Mrs Martin-Hodgson. Most of us can now keep up a rally for a good number of hits. Our next sport we are going to try out with Mrs M-H is golf. Laura has already played golf on a big golf course and a few of us have tried mini-golf on holiday so we think we’ll be quite good!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe also keep fit in class by doing workout to our times tables. We have the 2 times table jog, the 3 times side steps, the 4 times punch out, the 5 times Greek dance and the 6 times table kick out! Ask any of the pupils to demonstrate and join in with them at home for extra tables practice and a good work-out!

P4/5 and Mrs M-H


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