Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2We have written new diary entries about our October holidays and what a super holiday we have all had. It was very interesting to read everybody’s news and we had 5 Star Writers who remembered all their punctuation points, checked their spelling carefully and wrote their sentences fluently with no overused words like then 50 times on one page! They were: Callum, Orrin, Lucy, Laura and Eva.

images(21)We are writing Witch Poems this week as it if Hallowe’en on Friday and the Hallowe’en Disco tonight. Some people are writing Witch Recipe poems, some are writing Witch House poems and some are writing Witch Flying poems. Here is one Alastair and Mrs M-H wrote today as a joint effort.

The Witch’s Clothes

I saw the old witch

Walking in the woods

But I didn’t think

She looked that good!

She wore a black cape

And a tall pointed hat,

A long torn dress

That made her look fat!

On her feet were shoes

With buckles and turned up toes.

She also had a scarf

Big enough to hide her nose.

Her hands were covered

With gloves long and black

And I noticed she carried

A mysterious sack!

By Alastair and Mrs M-H




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