Here are some of the Limericks we wrote this week!

There was a young farmer named Paul

Who grew to eleven feet tall

His feet were so big

The length of a pig

That he couldn’t walk – only crawl!


There was a thin man called Fred

Who never got out of his bed.

Too lazy to eat

Not even meat

Surely, we think, he’ll end up dead!


There once was a lady called Sue

Who used to have a big strong crew.

She lost her money

Which was not funny

Now she has to live in a shoe!


There once was a rabbit with money

But I found him very funny.

He said he was not

But yet I still thought

He was the funniest bunny!


There once was a boy called Paul

Who went to a big shopping mall.

He wanted some food

But he tripped over wood

And so had a really big fall!


There once was a smart man called Bar

Who had passed exams in his car.

He was very pleased

He did it with ease

So now he could go very far!


There once was a young boy called Paul

Who went into a big, big stall.

He ate lots of food

That looked like some wood

Which made him look like a big doll!


There was a chatty man named Bob

Who had a great ginormous gob!

He went to the mall

But had a big fall

And landed on a great, big log!


There once was a boy called Bob.

He really was quite a big slob.

He tried to improve

The mess to remove

But it was just too hard a job!


There once was a smart boy called Paul

Who wanted to go to the mall.

He went on the bus

Without any fuss

And bought his Grandma a new shawl!


There once was a thingymajig

That looked like a pizza but more big.

It liked to free dance

If it got the chance

With its best friend Terry the pig!



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