Four Five Fundraising Family!

This is the name of our class company!  We are organising a fundraising day on Friday, the 5th of December and all pupils are invited to spend their money on the stalls we set up in our classroom.

Here is a list of some of the stalls we are planning:

*Home-baked cakes (without nuts)

* Bric-a-brac

*Cup Challenge

*Guess the Money in the Jar

*Good Quality Books

*Toys & Games

* Lucky Dip / Swop Bin

* Guess the Teddy’s Birthday

We also plan to put on some activities in the playground like:

* Basketball Challenge

* Beat the Goalie

* Treasure Hunt (P1-3)

* Nail Painting (P4-7)

We look forward to raising lots of money for charity.

Thank you for your support with donations for our stalls and spending money on our sale and activities.

Nicky, Beth, Elliot, Lachlan, Dylan

The Press Department



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