February News

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe class visited Holm Mills this month to learn more about the Highland way of life in the past and how tartan is made. The exhibition there was really interesting and there was lots of information about the clans, their chiefs and how the clanspeople lived.

In class we have all designed a personal tartan, painted kilts and designed a modern outfit in tartan. P4 pupils have until Friday 27th February to complete a 2 or 3D design challenge with a choice of 3 different sections to choose from – a clansperson, a Blackhouse or a tartan design which can be any object at all! We are looking forward to these designs being presented to the class!

In maths we have been learning more about the properties of 2 and 3Dshapes and we have learned lots of mathematical terms like dodecahedron! And we had a special week of tables revision before the February break which really helped us to speed up the recall of our table facts!  


1 thought on “February News

  1. Mrs M MacDonald

    I really enjoyed my time in your class last week. What conscientious learners you are. You knew all about success criteria and set yourselves very high standards.

    Well done!
    Love from
    Mrs MacDonald



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