P4 pupils present their Project Designs!

P4 pupils presented their project designs this week and everyone made a fantastic effort to be original and inventive! We had lots of compliments to give each pupil and we tried to think of some constructive comment to make to advise them about possible improvements. For some pupils we couldn’t think of any advice to give as they were so great!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The 3D designs ranged from modern tartan handbags to detailed Blackhouses and Clanspeople. All the designs were of a high standard but the two outstanding designs were produced by Callum and Lachlan. Well done all P4 pupils in P4/5.

Mrs M-H


1 thought on “P4 pupils present their Project Designs!

  1. Mrs MacDonald x

    Boys and Girls, it was such a privilege for me to have all you talented designers in my office last week! I loved looking at all the technology skills and creativity you had used in your projects. The variety of projects produced and materials used were fabulous

    What a talented bunch you are!

    Mrs MacDonald x



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